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Time Change – Atomic Clocks Set Themselves

Spring is coming and it’s time to reset the clocks. Self-setting satellite or atomic clocks take care of the time change themselves.

satellite clocksThis month we spring forward for Daylight Saving Time in North America. I find that losing the hour is a tougher adjustment than adding the hour in the fall. But one bright spot is my atomic clock. I enjoy gadgets that save me time.

Because these clocks update themselves automatically, they get my vote for one of the best home electronic devices.

Top benefits of satellite clocks

  • Save time by resetting themselves when the time changes
  • Battery operated, no resetting if the power goes out
  • Styles and sizes for any room decor
  • Extra features, like weather, can make them more useful

I’ve been so happy with the clocks I have that I wrote a product showcase for atomic and satellite clocks (link will take you to my Squidoo lens). Check out the Oregon Scientific model, comparable to my Sharper Image clock.

Self-setting clocks are available in all kinds of styles and sizes, small and large. Alarm clocks and wall clocks. There are models with built-in radios, weather stations and even displays that show the phases of the moon. Many are digital, but there are also analog versions.

Use search terms like satellite, atomic, self-setting or radio controlled in the description of the item, to locate even more models.

Satellite clocks are very accurate. They reference the time via a radio connection to the US Atomic Clock in Colorado. The reference clocks use the vibration of cesium atoms to keep ultra-accurate time, so exact that the error rate is only one second in 100 million years.

These clocks use batteries, and are handy when there’s a power outage too.

The model I have includes a time projection feature, which is fun and practical. No fumbling around if you want to see the time on the ceiling all the time. Just plug in the clock and let the battery act as a back up feature. For occasional time projection, batteries alone work fine. The room does need to be dark. You won’t see the time if there is any ambient light.

When it’s time to change my other clocks, I use my little atomic clock as the reference, and carry it around as I reset the other clocks. When I add or replace a clock, I’m getting another self-setting model.

I use the Fourth of July as my battery changing date, for these clocks, smoke detectors and similar items. I love having clocks that keep time on their own, truly a practical, set-it-and-forget-it item for the home.

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