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Testing Our First Air Fryer

Air fryer by Farberware

We got one of those “hot” air fryers to try after seeing several demonstrated on TV.

In our case it was the one made by Farberware. Basically it’s a round convection oven in an egg-shaped housing. There’s a drawer with a removable basket to use for cooking your food.

Frozen tater tots

Tater tots seemed like a good test food, so that’s what I did. After studying the booklet that came with the machine, and the directions on the tater tot package, I decided to thaw the frozen potatoes. It seems to me the point of a convection oven is to crisp, not to steam, so the ice crystals had to go.

After I thawed the potatoes, just enough to clear their surfaces, I tossed them with about two teaspoons of olive oil. I used about a third of the bag, enough for two old ladies to have for lunch.

Thawed out tater tots

Then into the air fryer at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Half way through, I opened up the basket to stir the tots.

Checking the tater tots part way

After 20 minutes, the tater tots were nice and crispy on the surface and creamy on the inside, just as if they had been deep fried. Bonus: no excess oil. There was a little left in the basket and the bottom of the drawer (basket holder).

Tots are done with little oil

Very tasty! So far, the air fryer gets top marks.

Yummy air fried tater tots

Another bonus: the basket and drawer are both dishwasher safe.

The next test will involve some frozen hash browns. As for an air fryer cookbook, the search goes on. The recipes in the booklet that came with the fryer are rather cryptic. Meanwhile, I’m looking for convection oven instructions to guide further tests.

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