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Shopping for an Atomic Clock

I love my little atomic alarm clock. So convenient, because it sets itself. Now it’s time to add another satellite clock to my home  décor. This time, it will be a wall clock.

Projection satellite alarm clockTerms like atomic, satellite, radio-controlled and self-setting are used to describe clocks that use technology to access the time  of very accurate atomic clock, via satellite.

Government agencies keep clocks that measure the activity of atoms, to an accuracy  of one second in 300 years.

When the power goes out, or Daylight Saving Time comes and goes, I can just relax. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, in Boulder, Colorado, takes care of it for me, because the operate the atomic clock and arrange for the signals to be  sent out.

Set it and forget it? Actually, the clock takes care of the setting by itself. I choose the time zone, then give it about 5 minutes to  talk to the system, via a simple antenna and receiver.

I’ve written about this atomic clock before. It’s now made by the Oregon Scientific brand. I just replace the batteries every so  often.

I want a wall clock this time, and there are a lot of models. I’ve got it down to two candidates:

One is the wood trimmed LaCrosse wall clock with moon phases, oak trim.

The other is another LaCrosse model with jumbo numerals on its LCD display.

I guess I’m spoiled. However, there are features that are important to me in addition to having another atomic clock. The most  important attributes to me are that it have:

  • Numbers are large and readable from a distance
  • Size and shape of the clock fits my space
  • LCD display, and
  • Compatible with the pictures and décor of my room

That’s why the oak trimmed model is currently leading my wish list. Most of my pictures have medium-tone wood frames. A bonus is the moon phase section, big enough but not so much data on the clock as to make it hard to read.

This one also has a wide range of worldwide time zones available, though I’ll only need the four standard US zones.

I also like the model with extra large numbers, about 4.5 inches high. That’s awesome, because the room is large and everyone will be able to read it from a distance.

Having accurate clocks helps keep everyone on time, especially when schedules get hectic.

It won’t be long before I decide which new clock to buy, and a new atomic wall clock will come to our house. Its space is waiting. Another time change will come and go, without me having to reset the clocks.

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