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Organize for the New Year with Rolling Storage Cabinets

Are you a neat freak, or are you working to get more organized? Is that one of your New Year’s resolutions this year?

rolling storage cabinetDo you have a lot of little things to keep handy at your desk or workspace, like office supplies, art supplies, or the tools and supplies for sewing, needlework, scrapbooking or other crafts?

Then a portable, rolling storage cart with drawers could be the ideal solution to your home storage needs.

So Handy for Storage

I’m getting another rolling storage cart for myself, to organize my home office (again)

I’ve always got more office supplies and small tools to store, and it’s time to get yet another rolling storage cabinet.

These are the attributes I have on my list. They all part of the points to consider as I’m choosing my next little cart.

• What I have to store. I have a lot of little stuff, like pencils and binder clips. (I know, how old school.) I’ve also got headphones, which need a deeper drawer.

• The spot where the cabinet will go. Ideally, this cabinet will go underneath a table. Second choice is a certain spot near the wall. That won’t be as handy as the first choice, but will do if I need to get a taller cabinet.

• Open or fitted drawers. The cabinet I already have has drawers that fit within a structure, to keep out the dust. That’s a big benefit. But open drawers can make the contents more visible. That’s a mixed blessing… Opaque drawers will make the cabinet look less cluttered.

• Material: metal or plastic. Metal is generally more durable, but plastic is lighter and offers more choices. Plastic with metal casters is my ideal choice.

Lots of us have home office challenges, just like anyone else who works partly or completely from the place they live.

Some of us cannot devote an entire room to a home office, and rolling storage can especially help in those cases. Just tuck a well-chosen cart like this away in a closet or corner when not needed, and bring it out when it’s time to use your supplies.

Enjoy your workspace, more organized than ever with a rolling storage cabinet!


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