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More Snow? Get Out The Toro

Toro electric snow thrower use at home

Several years ago, I bought my first snow blower, a Toro 1800 electric snow thrower.

It’s been working with me to clear snow ever since.

I got it via Amazon, which some of my friends thought was strange. Usually you buy such things from a brick-and-mortar hardware store.

But I’d done my research online, and I got shipping included with the price of the snow blower (as we know, it’s never really free).

It was delivered the day after Thanksgiving, and I finished minor assembly. It was easy. I’ve been very happy with my Toro ever since.

Before purchase, I had researched different snow throwers, because I had never used one or owned one, and we did not have them at home when I was a kid. We had shovels, which the kids were allowed to use. The lawn tractor with snow blade was Dad’s exclusive territory.

Toro has come out with a more powerful version of the Model 1800, but matching the machine to your needs still applies.

  • A single stage machine was right for me. I have a cement driveway, about 150 feet long and generally one car wide. If it was gravel, I would have considered two-stage snow throwers. Single-stage means there is one spinning rotor that both collects the snow and throws it out through the chute. These machines are less powerful than two-stage snow throwers that have an auger to collect the snow, and an impeller to throw it.
  • Weight was also important. My Toro is light enough that I can lift it, and hang it on the wall for storage.
  • Power was also important. I chose an electric snow thrower because I have grounded outlets in the garage and house that are right next to the driveway, and because I wouldn’t have to deal with gasoline in the cold. When I turn on my Toro, it starts, as long as it’s plugged in.

Toro Snow throwerMy Toro 1800 can handle the type of snow I get most often. Not matching your needs to a product is just a recipe, IMO, to end up unhappy with the item.

My biggest challenges throwing snow was learning how to deal with the prevailing wind. It blows across my driveway, and if I throw with the wind, I fill up the neighbor’s driveway. So I need to be able to throw down the driveway most of the time, while avoiding a bath in snow, covering the neighbor’s driveway, and filling up my own driveway after I just cleared a section.

It has been worth it to learn now to use my Toro 1800 snow thrower. It is a lot faster than using a shovel, and a lot less work.



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