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March Is For Maple Syrup

maple syrup and syrup pitcherEvery Saturday and Sunday in March is a day for maple syrup somewhere. Producers, public parks, even restaurants, organize special events to celebrate this North American treat during the season.

In states known for maple production, you’ll even find entire weeks devoted to it.

Eating pancakes with maple syrup is the immediate draw to these events. And if you’ve never had the real thing, I encourage you to try it. It’s so good, and you may never go back to anything else once you’ve had the best.

Any day you want, or a weekend, can be Maple Syrup Day at your house. You’ll need to get some syrup, of course, and the fixings to make pancakes. Along with a good skillet or griddle (stove top or electric) and you’re in business.

Then invite some hungry pancake eaters. Making pancakes is a quantity project. Hard to make only one or two.

I recommend practicing on smaller size pancakes, about 3 or 4 inches in diameter, using a recipe or mix for some good buttermilk pancakes, unless you have experience with other flavors.

And I really like a griddle because it’s open. It’s easier to flip on a large open space with no sides.

A well seasoned skillet certainly works. It just takes practice.

The most popular electric griddle on Amazon is a smaller model, which works well when making pancakes for a few people, at home or in your RV. I see it as a good way to develop and test your flap jack making skills as well.

The Presto Cool Touch is about 10 by 16 inches in size and it has a non-stick finish. It’s immersible and dishwasher safe after you remove the electrical control. Priced under $25, you can learn on this one, and if you graduate to making pancakes for a crowd, upgrade to a larger model.

Visit Maple Syrup Festivals

sugar maple tree tapped for sap to make maple syrupAnother way to celebrate March as Maple Syrup Month is to organize an outing to the woods, or sugar bush, if you live in an area where syrup is produced.

That means New England, the Great Lakes and Eastern Canada.

It’s interesting and educational to see how maple tree sap is boiled down to become maple syrup. A search online will help you find programs in your area.

Some areas even have events where you can participate in tapping the trees and making the syrup.

If you decide to do this, be sure to check ahead. The sap won’t run if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Many of us are looking for spring, come March, when we’re often tired of winter. Maple syrup is one of those things that lets us know that it won’t be long.

Pancakes with maple syrup on a cold Saturday or Sunday morning…I can think of worse ways to spend the longer days when spring is not too far away.



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