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How To Choose The Best Drafting Table For Your Space

Over the years, I’ve owned several work stations or drafting tables. I’ve used them for fabric crafts, drawing and also as stand up writing work space.

Here’s my checklist of points to consider when you are shopping for your own drafting table.

Consider your décor. Does the table you select need to fit into a room with other elements, or can you go strictly functional?

Assess your needs. Will you draw, paint, scrapbook, or lay out fabric on this table? Do you need a hard or clear surface, like tempered glass, or would wood or metal be a better choice?

Measure your space. The legs make a footprint on the floor, but the table top is larger. I know from my own experience that you will want room to move around the tabletop, and not have it tightly pushed into other furniture. That way you can get a different angle on your project as needed.

Go big enough. You might normally paint or draw on paper of a certain size, but what else do you want to have close at hand? Think about everything that you will want to have nearby on the table, and allow for some extra things you might not have thought of when you evaluated the best table for your needs.

Remember the details. How high will the table go? How is it supported at height, and how top heavy will it be? Is it easy or difficult to raise and lower the table, which can be a two-edged sword. You want it to be easy enough that you can adjust it, but not so loose that it comes out of adjustment unexpectedly.

Tilt as needed. What’s the maximum tilt angle? It won’t matter if you’ll always work with the table flat, but if you need angles, can it tilt as you need it, and is the range of adjustment infinite or only fixed intervals.

Check out accessories. On a drafting station or table, that means pencil trays, attached drawer units and stands for your brush pot or even coffee cup. Many of these are attached to the legs, under the top, and may or may not extend beyond the width of the table top. Which ones do you need, based on the main use of your table.

And, do you want your table on wheels, or flat footed? If you have casters, I recommend that some have locks, so you can keep it from moving without your permission.

To complete your work area, consider any room lighting, task lighting, and additional storage like rolling carts and shelf units you might need.

I love my rolling cart for pencils, clips, paper and lots of other small things. It can go wherever I need it.

And I love using my current drafting table because it gives me extra work space, and lets me continue working without so much sitting.

In the photo: Studio Designs Glass Top Vision Rolling Drafting Table


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