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Hot Air Popcorn – A Super Snack

hot air popcorn popper

In college in the 1970s I had a popcorn popper very similar to this Presto PopLite. IMO, hot air popcorn is better than other types because it is fluffier, has no extra oil and because I control the flavorings if any.

It did not take me long to get used to plain hot air popcorn. Get a good brand of popcorn that’s fresh (buy it in a store where there is product turnover, or online). The oil within the popcorn kernels can go rancid. For this reason, I also keep my popcorn in the refrigerator.

Of course, from time to time, it’s fun to make caramel corn or experiment with flavorings. One step up from plain is popcorn salt. It’s more finely ground than ordinary table salt. This comes in plain and butter flavors, too. But the easiest hot snack is a big bowl of hot air popped popcorn.

The biggest hazard is the resulting need for dental floss, but the snack is so worth it.

Tupperware works great to store any leftover popped popcorn, and you can keep nibbling on a single batch of popcorn for a day or so, until it’s gone. It’s also easy to put into bags for packed lunches or snacks for travel.

No matter how you eat your popcorn, here are some more tips to popping success:

  • Be sure to have an extra large serving bowl ready to catch the popcorn
  • Preheat the popper for a few minutes to help popcorn pop more completely
  • Watch out for the hood and cup after use, because they will get hot
  • Empty out any kernels that remain in the bottom, so your popper will be ready to use the next time (or maybe in the next 5 minutes for another batch!)

If I want butter, I melt it separately from the little cup that’s provided for this purpose and for measuring the popcorn. It’s part of the hood. Or use one of those olive oil sprayers to make the salt stick better. Just another bit of versatility. Must be why these machines are still popular after about 40 years in the marketplace.

And…the smell of popcorn popping. Always a crowd pleaser!

Check out the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper, a bestseller on Amazon.

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