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Easter Home Decorating Ideas

Easter home decorating and alternative giftsAs you’re decorating your home for Easter, the subject of Easter baskets is bound to come up.

Are there alternatives to a candy-filled Easter basket, to treat any age group? Easter is early this year (March 31, 2013) but there’s still time to plan.

Stores are stocking up, you’ll have lots of variety to choose from, whether you’ll look for new goods or vintage items.

Thrift stores are one of my favorite plates to get ideas and find unique items to use at home, and to decorate for eclectic parties and table settings. New and vintage items can easily mix around an Easter theme.

Outline Your Easter Decorating Ideas

Light color: Easter is often about pastels, because they are also considered spring colors. Pink, blue, green and yellow convey lightness to your décor.

Bold color: Emerald Green is Color of the Year for 2013, as designated by the color experts at Pantone. That’s a full, rich green that can be a backdrop for just about any other Easter element you want to bring to it. Peacock Blue, Honeysuckle Pink and Goldenrod Yellow are some other bold colors that provide the background for an eye-catching Easter display.

Motif: Cute baby chicks, bunnies and eggs in all shapes and sizes are perfect for Easter. Using toys and figurines, for example, you can set up your display long before Easter and it will last as long as you need it.

Symbols: Religious items that mix with your family’s beliefs, or items that have special meaning that comes into harmony with the traditions of Easter can be the centerpiece for a holiday decorating scheme. This could be items that say “renewal” to you, or special treasures from the history of your family and friends.

Mix and match home décor is fun to create and enjoy. Once you determine a starting place, write yourself some notes, and do a little scouting to see some of the possibilities, the ideas will flow.

More Tips For Easter Home Decorating

Decide on the main goal for your Easter decorating. Is it for a special Sunday dinner, or a kids Easter party? You’ll want to choose items that serve the end results.

Print out item info that you find online. This is one easy way to keep track of your finds.

Collect color samples such as fabric swatches or paint chips. You may not be painting a room to get ready for Easter, but the colors will help you keep track of your palette.

Shop your own cabinets and storage spaces for things to use. Pull out some of the family treasures that don’t see daylight very often, if they are appropriate to your holiday plan, and see them in a new light. After all, Easter is traditionally a time of renewal.

Take a tour of your favorite stores, and looks at their special Easter displays. New goods are coming into the marketplace all the time, and you may find something new is the perfect piece to tie your décor together, such as, a special tablecloth with all the right colors and motifs.

Remember thrift stores for vintage finds. You might just find some of grandma’s china, that you can incorporate into your special Easter celebration, or another unique and thoughtful gift for the people close to you.

Then just set your budget, and you’re on your way to creating a charming setting for your Easter celebration at home.

baby chicks toy for EasterAbout the photos: Examples of non-candy Easter theme items. China egg cup, vintage stoneware bunny figurine, new baby chicks toys (See  Schleich toys available on Amazon) and a cute chicken weathervane place card holder.

See more ideas in my gallery of gift ideas here, Alternative Easter Basket Alternatives And Non-Candy Easter Gift Ideas.


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