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Crocs Shoes – Wear With Socks for Foot Comfort

wear socks with Crocs

Having trouble keeping your feet warm, but just cannot give up your favorite Crocs in the winter? Never fear, most Crocs are roomy enough to allow for your foot and a pair of warm socks.

I live in my Crocs all year round. They are easy to slip on and off, and have plenty of holes to help my feet breathe. And I like to be comfortable whether I’m working around the house, out shopping or running errands.

Choosing the right combination of Crocs and socks helps keep my feet happy through any or all of these tasks!

The first winter I had my Crocs Caymans, I discovered socks with Crocs. Wearing socks with crocks works for me in all but the wettest, coldest weather, even in Michigan.

I like socks that are either made of wool or a wool blend, because they will keep your feet warm even if the socks get damp. Wool is wears well and many of the modern blends can go in the washing machine.

When I’m choosing socks to wear with my Caymans:

  • I look for something on the thin side, so I still have lots of room inside the shoes
  • And I like some color that will look good with my navy Caymans
  • I also like wool or a wool blend for winter or summer

Like lots of busy people, my feet can take a beating. My Crocs shoes help them keep up with the work and stay comfy, warm, and mostly dry. Check out my socks and Crocs product gallery here.

Crocs paired with the right pair of socks, can give you lots of practical comfort and style choices.

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