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Enjoy Blooming Bulbs in Winter

Hyacinth forcing bulbs

I like to force a few bulbs in winter, and fall is the time to plan for that, as a reminder that spring is on its way.

Blooming bulbs are a beautiful and often fragrant way to bring the outdoors inside. Forcing is the process of coaxing flowering bulbs to bloom before their usual season.


Easter Home Decorating Ideas

As you’re decorating your home for Easter, the subject of Easter baskets is bound to come up.

Are there alternatives to a candy-filled Easter basket, to treat any age group? Easter is early this year (March 31, 2013) but there’s still time to plan.

Stores are stocking up, you’ll have lots of variety to choose […]

Time Change – Atomic Clocks Set Themselves

Spring is coming and it’s time to reset the clocks. Self-setting satellite or atomic clocks take care of the time change themselves.

This month we spring forward for Daylight Saving Time in North America. I find that losing the hour is a tougher adjustment than adding the hour in the fall. But one bright spot […]

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