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Shopping for an Atomic Clock

Projection satellite alarm clock

I love my little atomic alarm clock. So convenient, because it sets itself. Now it’s time to add another satellite clock to my home décor. This time, it will be a wall clock.

Terms like atomic, satellite, radio-controlled and self-setting are used to describe clocks that use technology to access the time of very accurate […]

How To Choose The Best Drafting Table For Your Space

Over the years, I’ve owned several work stations or drafting tables. I’ve used them for fabric crafts, drawing and also as stand up writing work space.

Here’s my checklist of points to consider when you are shopping for your own drafting table.

Consider your décor. Does the table you select need to fit into […]

Crocs Shoes – Wear With Socks for Foot Comfort

Having trouble keeping your feet warm, but just cannot give up your favorite Crocs in the winter? Never fear, most Crocs are roomy enough to allow for your foot and a pair of warm socks.

I live in my Crocs all year round. They are easy to slip on and off, and have plenty […]

Feel Happier with SAD Lamps

Sunlight and SAD Lights

Scientists have been looking into SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, for more than 20 years. One of the treatments is to use lighting that produces a spectrum of wave lengths, similar to what the sun produces naturally. These lights are also called light therapy lights.

Sunlight therapy lamps to alleviate SAD have their fans among […]

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