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Growing Gorgeous Peonies

Peony Nick Shaylor

Perennial Favorites and Fragrant, Too

Peonies have been a Midwestern garden favorite for as long as I can remember. We always had these beautiful plants at home, as did other family members.

In May and June, when they bloom, we had beautiful and fragrant bouquets in the house.

I’ve grown a few peonies in […]

Enjoy Blooming Bulbs in Winter

Hyacinth forcing bulbs

I like to force a few bulbs in winter, and fall is the time to plan for that, as a reminder that spring is on its way.

Blooming bulbs are a beautiful and often fragrant way to bring the outdoors inside. Forcing is the process of coaxing flowering bulbs to bloom before their usual season.


Add a Bat House to Your Property

When you host a bat house, you provide a replacement for disappearing bat habitat. A bat house is an eco-friendly gift for the gardener or homeowner, including yourself.

A colony of bats will eat hundreds or thousands of mosquitoes or other insect pests every day during the season. They shy away from humans, and migrate […]

Why Should Gardeners Use Native Plants in a Landscape?

In Michigan in the fall, we’re thinking about planting spring flowering bulbs and getting gardens ready for the winter.

In the same season, my friend and guest blogger, Wanda Fitzgerald, is planting tomatoes and cool weather crops…and working on her landscaping.

Wanda an accomplished gardener, among many other talents. She loves using native plants […]

Rose Care Tips for Beautiful Blooms

Roses are pretty easy to grow if you learn about them and follow some simple guidelines.

Watering, fertilizing and pruning are essential rose care tasks.

Roses should be watered deeply, especially in this hot summer weather. They should get at least an inch of water every week.

As long as you have planted your roses […]

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