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Our New Apple Peeler Is A Whiz

We got the Apple Pro Peeler recently, which we saw on a television product demo on QVC.

When I saw it on the air, I wasn’t sure about it, because it’s made of plastic. But the presenter said she’d been using hers for many years, and so, we tried it.

Apple Peeler Pro kitchen tool

Two cooks at our house are giving this peeler a work out!

Fall is the height of apple season, and we are eating them just about every day.  And I have to say, we appreciate how quickly we can peel a lot of apples with this kitchen gadget.

The suction cups hold very well on our solid surface counter tops. No question of the peeler slipping while we use it, or damaging the counters.

The business end of the peeler — its very sharp blade — rides over the surface of an apple, kinda like the razor you might use on your face or legs. It peels the skins off in one long piece, just as advertised, and thin, too, so we retain far more of the apple than we would if peeling by hand.

The Apple Pro cleans up quickly, with just a quick sponge-off in soap and water. We’re keeping it handy, either on the counter top, or in a nearby cupboard, because it’s the easiest way to peel an apple, whether it’s just one or a bunch.

It’s funny, the sound of the gears inside the peeler reminds me of the Spirograph drawing set I had as a kid. That’s charming in a utilitarian device.

Apple crisp, apple fritters, applesauce, apple coffee cake – we’ve made them all in just the past few weeks.

Does the Apple Pro Peeler Have Any Problems?

Like any new tool, you have to get used to how to use it.

  • Getting the apple centered on the holders is important. If you don’t, the apple won’t peel evenly. And for an apple that’s misshapen, you could have a few missed spots.
  • Removing the apple from the four spike holders is a learned skill, too. It’s on there firmly, as it needs to be to hold as you crank the peeler. You don’t want to encounter the blade while pulling off the apple. I just make sure that the blade is away when I take off my apples.
  • Clean the peeler by sponge and rinse off, vs. immersing it, because water will get inside the base. I clean the peeler right after use, and it’s been fine to keep it clean, ready for its next use.

Overall, I give the Apple Pro Peeler 5 stars. I’d get another one, and give it as a gift for anyone who loves to eat or cook with apples.

We eat a lot of apples, so this gadget will be kept handy in our kitchen all the time, year round. Peel that apple a day quickly and efficiently with the Apple Pro Peeler.

peeled apple with the Pro



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