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Add a Bat House to Your Property

When you host a bat house, you provide a replacement for disappearing bat habitat. A bat house is an eco-friendly gift for the gardener or homeowner, including yourself.

A colony of bats will eat hundreds or thousands of mosquitoes or other insect pests every day during the season. They shy away from humans, and migrate in the winter.

Installing a bat house in the fall will give it time to weather a little, making it more likely to attract some beneficial bats into your environment.

Our guest blogger and fellow Ezinearticles author, Bob Urbanek, is just one provider of pre-built bat houses.

The Benefits of Installing a Bat House

By Bob Urbanek

Mosquitoes and other flying pests can ruin a relaxing summer evening on the patio. The first reaction for most people is to grab the repellent, but there is an effective pesticide-free alternative.

Contrary to popular belief bats are not the hideous creatures portrayed in the horror movies. Bats do not attack humans or intentionally fly into your hair. The truth is that bats play a vital role in the control of insects.

A single bat can consume from 600 to 1200 insects in just one hour, more if nursing young. Just imagine how out of control the insect populations would be if there were no bats to keep them in check.

Sadly, bat populations are declining at an alarming rate. Currently close to 40 percent of American bat species are listed as endangered, threatened, or in rapid decline. The result of this decline in bat populations is an increasing insect population, and a marked increase in the use of toxic pesticides.

By installing a properly designed bat house you can help to increase the declining bat population, thus helping to preserve this valuable ecological resource.

Bats prefer to live in colonies, so at least a mid-sized bat house is recommended. These mid-sized houses can support a colony of 100 to 300 bats. A bat colony numbering 300 can consume 360,000 mosquitoes and insects per hour.

Your bat house should be mounted on a pole or building for best results. Houses mounted on trees tend to have a lower occupancy rate. Your bat house should be mounted under the eves and receive some sun exposure. A mounting height of 15 to 20 feet above ground is optimal, as well as a location that is not exposed to bright lights at night.

By installing a bat house you not only reduce insect populations around your home, you are also helping to protect a very valuable ecological resource.

View the most popular bat house. We make it easy for you to add that special touch to your lawn and garden! URB Distributing

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