I’m Kimbesa

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About Homekeeping

gardening window boxes red geraniumsHomekeeping is a word that’s fairly new in our vocabulary. Terms like home décor, cleaning, home comfort come into the picture, when you refine what it means to keep up a home today.

I put gardening into the mix as well. Your patio, garden and landscaping are part of the home environment, as much a place to relax as a warm bubble bath, a luxurious bed or an easy chair.

Home Economics was the term, back in the day. A homemaker took care of operation of the home, to support the comfort, efficiency and economy of the family.

I’m old enough to remember special classrooms, with kitchens and big rooms for sewing. In junior high school, all the girls had Home Ec, all the guys had Shop, and there was a week or two where we swapped.

Practical skills come in handy. I grew up in a household with cooking, canning, and sewing, as well as the standard laundry and cleaning. Outside there was gardening, lawn mowing and sometimes more extensive projects like cement making and brick laying.

I’ll be exploring homekeeping by my definition in these pages and posts.

I expect to touch on all things home — indoors and outdoors.

New products and ideas. Old techniques and vintage goods. There are plenty of topics to interest me, and to share with you. I hope you will enjoy my perspective!